Kitchen Tips

There’s no reason why cooking can’t be easy and fun at the same time. Here are some quick techniques that have really helped me in the kitchen.

  • Place a damp towel under a cutting board to avoid moving it while you chop. It does the same thing as having rubber edges or rubber legs on your cutting board. This is a key safety tip, especially if you have young ones helping you out in the kitchen. Save the chasing down of your food to someone else!
  • Use parchment paper on baking sheets. This makes removal and clean up super-easy. Perfect when making Gold Seal Salmon, Watercress & Brie Flan.
  • Food processors are a must in your kitchen.  Trust me, you’ll save on prep time and have a much more “pretty” product in the end. Yup, I just said pretty.  It’s the best word to describe the beauty you are going to create with these recipes.