Soups and Stews tips for success!

Soups and stews are our family’s comfort ‘go-to’ foods any time of year. Why? They’re easy to make, they’re an all-in one meal and (most importantly) cleanup is a breeze. 

How can you make sure your soups and stews are a success? Here are some suggestions:  

Start by choosing a heavy bottomed stock pot.  The heavy bottom will help protect your soup or stew from burning or scorching if you’re cooking for a longer period of time.  Keep in mind, however, this is not a failsafe tool—you still need to keep an eye on your temperature of your stove!

Make your soup or stew the day before.  Doing so saves time and allows the flavours to come together.  Using dry herbs in soups and stews allows them to reconstitute. Yup, that means more flavour!

Wait to the end of the cooking time to season with salt and pepper. That way, you won’t over season your dish. 

Soups and stews are a great way to “hide” vegetables.  Got some “meatatarians” in your family? To increase vitamin and mineral content try adding non-traditional vegetables like tomato, sweet potato, broccoli or spinach. They’ll never know the difference.