Canned tuna- a great source of lean protein

The importance of eating protein daily

Your body uses protein for many vital processes such as repairing tissues & maintaining a healthy immune system. It is an important building block of skin, blood, muscles, bones and cartilage plus protein is crucial for transporting nutrients throughout your body. In fact, your hair and nails are made mostly of protein.

Eating protein on a daily basis is fundamental to good health. Your body is able to store fat and carbohydrates, but it is not able to store protein. This means protein must be replenished on a daily basis as there is no reservoir to draw on when a new supply is needed.

The benefits of lean protein

Studies have shown protein can help to increase your energy, improve heart health as well as build muscle.

These benefits can be counteracted though if the protein you choose is high in saturated fat. Fatty cuts of meat, hot dogs, bacon and processed luncheon meats are some examples of high protein foods that are also high in saturated fat. Stay away from these. As the Canada Food Guide recommends – select lean protein sources with little or no added fat. Ensuring lean protein is part of your daily diet is fundamental to a healthy eating plan.

Canned tuna is an excellent source of lean protein. The Canada Food Guide states that one serving of lean protein is equivalent to 2-1/2 ounces or 125 ml. (1/2 cup) of canned tuna.

Ways to add canned tuna to your diet

Canned tuna is so versatile; it is very easy to incorporate it into your diet. Whether you are looking for a quick snack to grab some protein on the go, or for a healthy family dinner, we offer products and recipes that fit your needs.

Tuna snacks are the easiest way to enjoy canned tuna. Try one of our 8, ready-to-eat tuna varieties  that are paired with crackers for a light meal or snack on the go. With an easy to open lid, these tasty treats are sure to be a hit!

Our canned tuna salads  are another convenient lean protein source. Our Spanish Salad  and Mediterranean salads both include beans which adds another protein boost, each with 21 grams of protein!

Have you explored our tuna recipes? If you are interested in learning how to incorporate canned tuna into an appetizer, main lunch or dinner dish, check out our unique and tasty recipes.

From Tuna Sloppy Joe’s to Asian Tuna Salad there are a variety of recipes to choose from.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy canned tuna, know that you are treating your body well and fueling it with much needed lean protein.