Holiday Hostess Helpers

During the holiday season there can be a lot of preparing to do. Naturally by early November you are completely organized with shopping done and parties planned, right? Of course we’re kidding, if you’re like most of us things can get a little hectic at this time of year. Time flies and before you know it relatives and friends are arriving for a visit and you still haven’t thought about what to serve. We’re here to help you with ideas for the perfect nibbles to serve your guests or take along as a potluck favourite.

We’ll offer up easy suggestions and help you look like a culinary star, no matter how strapped for time you are.

In the event that your hair is actually still in curlers and you are truly panicked, may we suggest a veggie or cheese plate. These entertaining staples can have a dramatic impact with a little extra effort. Try one of these creative presentation ideas and you’ll be sure to impress.

Smoked Oysters with Chili on Crackers - 5 - 10 minutes

Stock up on Ocean’s Smoked Oysters to make this easy, tasty treat for guests.  

1- Place Ocean’s Smoked Oysters with Chili on crackers.
2- Top with finely chopped green onion. 


Cheese Wreath- 10 - 15 minutes

This cute idea couldn’t be easier and it looks great!

1- Cut cheese into cubes. You can use Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, whatever you like and have on hand as long as it’s not too soft.

2- Arrange into a circle on a round plate (leaving a space in the middle).

3- Garnish with cherry tomatoes. Dot them around your cheese wreath every couple of inches. They will look like Christmas ornaments.

4- Fashion a bow from a red bell pepper if you have one on hand or make a bow from red ribbon.

5- Place some parsley or rosemary in a border around the outside to add the look of greenery.

6- Serve with crackers


And you’re done. So easy and beautifully presented. Your guests will all comment on your creative genius!


Joyful Veggie Plate with Dip - 10-30 minutes

This quick nibble is wonderful to serve or take along when visiting friends.

1- Start by arranging broccoli florets (stems down) in an oval serving dish. Cover the entire dish with broccoli. It’s best to use a small casserole or dish with a bit of a lip for easier arranging.

2- Nestle a small bowl of your favourite dip in the centre.

3- Arrange cauliflower florets in a circle around the dip bowl. This will become the “O” in the word JOY.

4- Next place grape or cherry tomatoes in the shape of the letter “J” to the left of the “O”. Nestle them in a bit so they don’t move around.

5- Arrange more grape or cherry tomatoes on the right to form the letter “Y”. Or switch it up by using radishes for more variety.

6- Finally cut a few star shapes from a yellow bell pepper by hand or using a small cookie cutter.

7- Finish the plate with the pepper stars. Add them here and there for colour.


Voila! You have a beautiful plate of healthy fresh nibbles in about 10 minutes.


Crab Dip - 30 - 40 minutes

If you have at least 30 minutes you can kick it up a notch and make some homemade dip. Our Crab Dip recipe is easy to make and is truly delicious. Serve it with corn chips, crackers or sourdough.


Sushi Christmas tree: 30-60 minutes

This next idea will take a bit more time but looks fabulous and is still on our easy list. Start with our great recipe for Nori Sushi Rolls.

These yummy little sushi bites can be made with Ocean’s Tuna, Salmon or Crabmeat. The idea is to make a few sushi rolls, neatly cut them and arrange them into the shape of a Christmas tree. So easy but a very fun addition to any party table. You’ll want to double up on our recipe at the link above to make 8 rolls cut into 48 pieces. We recommend making Tuna, Salmon and Crabmeat rolls for a fun variety plate.

1- Prepare your sushi rolls as described in the recipe above.

2- Neatly cut each roll into 8 even pieces. Make sure your knife is super sharp (we recommend sharpening it beforehand for best results). It’s also a good idea to make sure your knife is just barely wet before cutting. You may have noticed sushi chefs wipe their knife blades regularly, and now you know why.

3- Next start at the edge of a shallow circular platter and add one sushi piece.

4- Below that you will add two, below that you will add three and so on. The idea is to add an extra piece on the next tier down until you have a nice large triangular tree shape. You will likely end up with a few extra pieces at the end. They can be used to make the tree trunk or you can eat them. After all of your hard work surely you deserve to sample your wares!

5- Now make a star from a red bell pepper. You can cut this by hand or use a small cookie cutter if you have one.

6- Add a tree trunk using the remaining few sushi pieces. Alternately you can cut a few strips of red pepper to make your trunk.

7- Finally it’s time to decorate your tree. Chop up the rest of the red pepper and arrange on top to add some holiday colour. You can scatter pieces here and there like Christmas baubles or line them up to resemble a garland.


Easy and healthy finger foods loved by adults and kids alike!


We hope these cute and easy ideas will help make your holiday entertaining a little less stressful, enjoy!