Pacifical c.v. is the global tuna market development company jointly set up by the 8 PNA (Parties to the Nauru Agreement) Western Pacific island countries in 2011. Their goal is to promote MSC certified sustainable Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna caught within PNA waters.

Ocean’s partnership with Pacifical helps provide funds to these island countries’ governments to build schools, hospitals, roads & infrastructure, social security, and to protect their islands and homes against the rising sea levels due to global warming. 68% of Kiribati Government revenue comes from tuna fishing license fees, 81% in the case of Tokelau, 57% Tuvalu, 45% Marshall Islands, and 43% Micronesia. All these numbers can be found in this report. For each batch processed for Ocean’s, PNA will be giving an MSC certificate guaranteeing the fish comes from this area.