Our Commitment to Sustainability

We at Ocean Brands have a dual obligation to protect our environment for future generations and ensure resources from our oceans are harvested both responsibly and sustainably. We strive to be good stewards of our oceans so that fish stocks continue to thrive and remain resilient to our fishing pressures. Responsible fishing practices for sustainable fish are the key pillars of our commitment.

Our long-term objective is to work with suppliers who commit to using sustainable fishing practices which ensure minimal disruption to the ocean’s ecosystems. These practices address overfishing, reducing bycatch of non-target species and harvesting stock in a way that minimizes marine damage to ensure we produce sustainable seafood.

All Ocean Brands’ canned seafood products are traceable. This means we can determine the origins of any product throughout the supply chain. We can establish which fishing boat, area, method of catch or processing plant our products originate from and to which retailers they’re finally shipped.

Ensuring human and labour rights are upheld is key to any sustainability commitment. That’s why we only work with suppliers who share our vision of providing a safe and positive work environment.

Pole and line red fishing rod with circle hook against white background
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Our Tuna

Is our canned tuna sustainable? We source tuna from fisheries within regions which can maintain sustainable numbers while protecting marine reserves. We work closely to provide the safest canned tuna alongside local governments, fishery management organizations and international tuna fleets to ensure all members are working together on policy issues.

All our wild caught tuna is caught either free swimming, by pole and line, or by long line fishing with circle hooks. All these methods of fishing reduce bycatch of other marine life, including sea turtles and sharks to provide the most ocean friendly tuna.

Ocean Brands is a founding member of the IPNLF (International Pole and Line Foundation). Pole and line fishing is rated by many conservation groups as the most environmentally friendly method of fishing tuna.

See Pole and Line in Action
Fishermen on a boat using pole & line to catch tuna sustainably Fishermen on a boat using pole & line to catch tuna sustainably
A tuna approaching a circle fishing hook

Our Salmon

Our journey toward sustainable oceans starts in the Pacific Northwest, where all Ocean Brands’ salmon is wild caught from Alaskan fisheries. It’s also within this region we certify our pink salmon using the FAO-Based Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) process.

We’re committed to source all Ocean’s and GoldSeal Sockeye Salmon solely from Alaskan fisheries. All of which are independently certified to the globally recognized MSC standard for sustainable, well-managed fishery practice. The coveted blue MSC label provides consumers with assurance that from ocean to plate, the product is traceable back to a certified sustainable source.

Wild salmon
  • Our Milestones

  • 2012
    Ocean brands becomes a member of the IPNLF and is the first national brand in Canada to introduce a full range of pole and line caught tuna.
  • Two men using pole and line for sustainable tuna fishing
  • All Ocean’s flavoured light tuna is free swimming caught.
  • MSC certified sustainable seafood label
  • 2015
    All Ocean’s Albacore Tuna is either pole and line or long line caught using circle hooks.
  • Three men pole & line tuna fishing in ocean
  • We introduced a supplier code of conduct. SAI Global performed independent audits of all our suppliers.
    All Ocean’s pole and line Skipjack Tuna, Ocean’s Sockeye Salmon and GoldSeal Sockeye Salmon are MSC certified
  • A school of fish swimming in the ocean
  • 2017
    All Ocean’s Light Tuna and value added products will be free swimming caught.

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